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Conexus Credit Union is Saskatchewan's largest and Canada's sixth largest credit union. Conexus has $5.79 billion in consolidated assets, more than 120,000 members, and 41 branches across the province. More than 900 employees and sales professionals are located throughout the province.


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Former Employee - Front End Developer says

"Like the problem from other start up, there is no clearly regulation to manage internal"

Current Employee - Anonymous Employee says

"- have no priority - top management tend to micro-manage (managing staff level) - subjective appraisal - sometimes employee delegated to work for top management's personal interest, not company's"

Sr. System Administrator (Former Employee) says

"I have never worked for a more dysfunctional company in my entire life. If I could give a zero star rating for most of the categories, I would. If you even so much as whisper an opinion contrary to that of management, you better have your bags packed.NoneLeadership"

Examinador / Consultor (Former Employee) says

"buen ambiente laboral y movilidad por la region metropolitana"

Caregiver (Current Employee) says

"The clients are great! However, the company could use some improvement in all of the areas above."

Telemarketer (Former Employee) says

"Mala cultura laboral, pues no respetaban las modalidades de trabajo establecidas previamente y las cambiaban constantemente."

Call Centre Agent (Former Employee) says

"Working at the company was not bad but the money was ridiculous and they expected to much. They had OK supervision they were a good client for Toyota and they had good and loyal customersNoneNone"

Call centre agent (Former Employee) says

"My day at work was normal. making calls all day can get frustrating, and meeting target was hard since other people would not want to talk to you. But its a productive working place.noneNone"

customer services (Former Employee) says

"I learnt how to communicate with people and put your self in every client shoes and treat them with respect and how to handle difficult clients never raise your voice on a client and when it comes to a push only tell them what is the truth and the company policy and how it works explain and make them understandFree teaNormal hours"

call center agent (Current Employee) says

"THey follow their company values and they fobthry best to keep their clients happy.They try to deliver what they promise and do their best to stay guided by their values." is a non-profit organization and communications forum for social activism. This website allows users a voice to share their point of view online about what sucks in the world.

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